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A wonderful bubble bath, highly concentrated yet very mild. This unique water based pH balanced formulation is rich in moisturizers. Just 1 or 2 capfuls creates mountains of long -lasting bubbles. Contains no phosphates and is safe for everyone to use. To use as a shower gel, apply a small amount to your sponge and enjoy the suds!

This thick, rich 2-in-1 bacterial cleanser was formulated especially for skin moisture retention. You will love it in the shower or by your sink as a liquid hand soap. Apply a small amount to your sponge and enjoy the suds!

A rich moisturizing bath oil made with cocoa butter and mineral oil. Disperses easily in the bath water and it really moisturizes the skin. This oil does not leave a bathtub ring! Start with one or two capfuls per bath.

Moisturizing and refreshing splash. For after bath or anytime.

These colorful, natural salts are designed to scent and tint your bath, keeping the water hot longer. A long, warm soak in the tub with two tablespoons of bath crystals helps to sooth and relax tired muscles. Safe for spas!

These funny little come in a variety of shapes. From frogs to feet, hippos to pink elephants - your sure to find one or two of our bath pearls that tickle your fancy.

These vibrantly colored, scented pearls dissolve in hot water and provide a moisturizing hot-oil bath. Based on your personal preference, one or two pearls per bath are recommended. Available in round and heart shape.

Unlike most other Liquid Talcs on the market, ours has a tapioca base. This product has a wonderful cooling effect. Great to beat the summer heat!

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