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Put a few drops of Scents & Such fragrances oil or essential oil on a Brass light bulb ring, place it on a light bulb. Turn on the light and heat will disperse the scent into the air. Any of our Scents & Such fragrance oils are perfect to use, so choose your favorite!


All of our Scents & Such incense by Laura is hand-dipped into our fragrance oils for only the finest scent available in incense sticks. Each package comes with 16 sticks of incense and each stick burns up to one and one half hours. We also carry a very fine selection of incense burners.

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Ahhh! the all important incense burner. You can't have the incense without the burner. We have a variety of styles and colors to choose from.

Spray this luxurious mist onto your clothing and furniture to eliminate order. Our linen spray is scentable in your choice of Scents&Such or Designer-type fragrance oils.

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